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6800k Vs 6700k Gaming 2023

When building a gaming PC using older Intel processors, there is often a debate between opting for the 6-core i7-6800K or the 4-core i7-6700K 6800k Vs 6700k Gaming 2023. Though released in 2015 and 2016 respectively, both CPUs can still deliver decent gaming performance in 2023. 

However, the extra cores and threads of the i7-6800K generally give it better framerates in modern games that utilize more than 4 cores. If trying to decide between the two for a budget gaming build this year, the 6800K is the superior choice, especially for gaming at 1080p resolution.

Does 6800k Game Better Than 6700k In 2023?

Yes, the 6-core i7-6800K generally provides better gaming performance compared to the 4-core i7-6700K in 2023, especially at 1080p resolution 6800k Vs 6700k Gaming.

The extra 2 CPU cores and 4 threads of the i7-6800K give it an advantage in modern games that can leverage more than 4 cores no lag gaming experience. The 6800K’s higher core count allows it to achieve improved average and minimum framerates in CPU-intensive games versus the 6700K.

While the gap narrows at 1440p and 4K resolutions, the 6800K still maintains a lead over the 6700K in most gaming benchmarks. Overclocking can help increase the 6700K’s frequencies but the 6800K has more overclocking headroom with its extra cores.

The 6800K also benefits from quad-channel memory support versus the dual channel of the 6700K. Faster memory speeds can further feed the 6800K’s extra cores. For gaming in 2023, especially at 1080p, the 6-core i7-6800K is the superior choice over the aged 4-core i7-6700K for better framerates.

Is 6700k Still Good For 1080p Gaming In 2023?

The 4-core/8-thread i7-6700K can still deliver decent 1080p gaming performance in 2023, but it has become less ideal compared to modern CPUs with 6800k Vs 6700k Gaming.

Released in 2015, the 6700K was once considered an excellent gaming CPU. However, its 4 cores and lack of hyperthreading are now starting to show their age in more demanding games that prefer higher core/thread counts.

Overclocking the 6700K can help squeeze out some extra performance to make it more viable for 1080p gaming. But it misses out on modern optimizations like NVMe SSD support.

While no longer a top choice for gaming, the 6700K can still provide playable frame rates in 1080p games if paired with a good GPU like an RTX 3060 Ti. However, its 4-core design holds it back compared to modern CPUs with higher core counts that are better optimized for today’s games 6800k Vs 6700k Gaming.

Does 6800k Beat 6700k In Fps For Modern Games?

Yes, the 6-core i7-6800K generally delivers higher FPS performance compared to the 4-core i7-6700K in modern games that utilize more cores 6800k Vs 6700k Gaming.

The extra 2 CPU cores and 4 threads of the i7-6800K provide an advantage in the latest gaming titles that can leverage more than 4 cores unbanned from Facebook Marketplace. In CPU-intensive games released in the last few years, the 6800K will excel and outpace the 6700K in both average and minimum FPS counts at 1080p resolution.

Even at 1440p and 4K, the 6800K maintains an FPS lead over the 6700K in most gaming benchmark comparisons, though the gap is smaller at higher resolutions. The 6700K can be overclocked to help close the deficit, but the 6800K has greater overclocking headroom.

Overall, when it comes to high frame rate gaming on modern titles in 2023 and beyond, the 6-core 6800K is better suited than the aging 4-core 6700K. The extra cores and threads allow the 6800K to achieve better FPS to provide a smoother gaming experience in the latest demanding games.

What Resolution Is 6700k Suitable For In 2023 Games?

The 4-core/8-thread i7-6700K is still reasonably suitable for 1080p gaming in most 2023 game titles, but starts to struggle at higher resolutions like 1440p 6800k Vs 6700k Gaming.

At 1920×1080 resolution, the 6700K can deliver playable frame rates in the range of 60-100fps when paired with a suitable GPU like an RTX 3060 Ti. However, to achieve maximum performance at 1080p, overclocking the 6700K is recommended to get the most out of its quad-core design.

When moving up to 2560×1440, the limitations of the 6700K’s 4 cores/8 threads become more apparent in demanding games. Framerates at 1440p will be lower and less consistent compared to modern 6-core+ CPUs.

While the 6700K can power 1440p gaming, its quad-core design holds it back from hitting high refresh rates above 60fps. Performance dips and stuttering are more likely.

Overall, the 6700K’s sweet spot for 2023 games is now at 1080p resolution, preferably overclocked. 1440p is achievable, but newer CPUs with higher core counts will provide better, smoother performance at this higher resolution in modern gaming 6800k Vs 6700k Gaming.

Does 6800k Get More Fps From Extra Cores In 2023 Titles?

Yes, the 6-core i7-6800K generally achieves higher FPS compared to the 4-core i7-6700K in new games released in 2023 and beyond thanks to its extra CPU cores 6800k and 6700k Gaming.

Modern game engines are designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores and threads. The 6800K’s 6-core/12-thread configuration excels in new titles that utilize more than just 4 cores 6800k and 6700k Gaming.

In CPU-intensive games like Battlefield 2042 or Total War: Warhammer 3, the 6800K’s two extra cores allow it to deliver noticeably higher average and minimum FPS over the quad-core 6700K. This is especially apparent at 1080p resolution where the CPU makes more of a difference.

While the FPS advantage shrinks at 1440p and 4K resolutions as the GPU load increases, the 6800K still outpaces the 6700K in most benchmark comparisons in 2023 game titles. The extra cores translate directly to higher frame rates.

So for gaming on new releases in 2023 and the foreseeable future, the 6800K’s 6-core design provides tangibly better FPS performance over the aging 4-core 6700K in both current and future games 6800k and 6700k Gaming.

Can 6700k Be Overclocked To Match 6800k Gaming Performance?

While overclocking can help boost the i7-6700K’s gaming performance, it is unlikely it can fully match the i7-6800K even with aggressive overclocking 6800k VS 6700k Gaming.

The 6700K has less overclocking headroom compared to the 6800K due to having only 4 CPU cores. Most 6700Ks can reach stable overclocks in the 4.5-4.7GHz range before hitting thermal limits.

Meanwhile, the 6-core 6800K can often hit 4.3-4.5GHz across all its cores with proper cooling. The extra cores give more overhead for higher clocks.

In CPU-intensive games, an overclocked 6700K will still see lower average and minimum FPS than a similarly overclocked 6800K. The two extra cores of the 6800K provide an advantage.

While overclocking can certainly help narrow the gaming performance gap through higher clocks, the 6700K ultimately can’t overcome its core count limitation compared to the 6800K. For the best gaming experience, the 6800K’s extra cores outweigh the overclocking potential of the 6700K 6800k, and 6700k Gaming.

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