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7 Famous Types of Custom Match Slide Style Boxes

In luxury packaging, the trends continuously change according to the consumer shift. Nowadays, custom-match slide-style boxes stand out for their elegance and functionality. Resembling a matchbox, these unique boxes have a sleeve and tray that slides in and out. This article aims to unveil some of the famous types of custom-printed match slide-style boxes in detail:

1-    Classic Match Slide Box

Made with a strong outer sleeve and a tray, the classic match slide box is both attractive and simple. It is perfect for small products, like fancy electronics, jewelry, and handmade items. Even though this box is simple, it is also customizable. Brands can use its outer surface to showcase their logo, with unique printing and coating. One can design the inner tray with soft lining for jewelry or special shapes.

Besides its appealing looks and protective features, the classic match slide box is easy to stack and assemble. Made from strong materials, it is one of the top shipping choices for fragile branded items. Because of its simple yet attractive design, people use this box to share their unboxing moments online. Hence, the classic match slide box is a little piece of art that makes every product feel valued.

2-    Double-Sided Match Box

Offering a fancy and high-class feel, this modern box is the epitome of style and functionality. Featuring two ends, it can be easily opened by pulling the tray out from either side. Made with care, a double-sided matchbox is the best for luxury items, especially fancy sweets. Classy papers, nice finishes, and strong boards are used in making this box.

Brands can also customize it with special designs, logos, and contact details. The inner side of the double-sided matchbox is made from nice fabrics and special shapes to snugly fit the delicate items. This creative box design is a promising means for brands to cast a lasting impact on their customers.

3-    Split Drawer Match Box

Unlike other match slide boxes, the split drawer matchbox has two sleeves that come together on a central tray from different sides. This feature keeps everything intact and safe during transit and display. Brands can customize the tray according to the product’s dimensions. Pulling the sleeves to open the box offers a unique unboxing experience to the people.

Brands can print their logo and other designs on the outer surface of the box, which helps customers remember their brand. Moreover, the split drawer matchbox is made from green materials to attract eco-conscious consumers. Being a great choice for gifts and collectibles, this box is a modern way to pack things.

4-    Ribbon Pull Match Box

Featuring a ribbon on the tray, this luxury box is perfect for gift products. It is easy to use and can be opened without any hassle. People prefer it to present gifts to their loved ones. It is customizable and can be designed in any style that one wants. Market brims with endless options of ribbon colors for these boxes.

Apart from appealing looks, the ribbon pull matchbox is handy. Unlike, a locked or lid box, it is easy to handle and open. The design is thoughtful, offering customers a notable unboxing experience. A ribbon pull matchbox is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to say thanks. Thus, for brands and people, this box can make a big difference.

5-     Thumb Cut Match Box

This sleek and handy packaging box has unique cuts for thumbs that make it easy to slide out of the tray. These smartly placed cuts make the box opening smoother. Designed simply, this box can attractively showcase the branded items. Unlike other fancy boxes, it does not need extra stuff to put together. Brands and people typically pick it for its high quality and green composition.

Moreover, brands can get creative on thumb-cut matchboxes by imprinting their logos, taglines, and other details. From handmade items to gadgets, this box works well for all kinds of products. Being strong to ensure the product’s safety, it also offers a memorable tactile experience to buyers.

6-    Drawer-Like Match Box

Mimicking a real drawer, this box is ideal for holding heavy products during their shipping and display. It is easy to open and nicer to use. Known for its high quality and feel, it is often used by luxury brands to showcase their products in fancy style. Special papers, nice fabrics, shiny metal details, and green materials are used for making a drawer-like matchbox.

Brands can either go with shiny or soft coatings to add to the appeal of this packaging box. Moreover, it is also available in different sizes and styles to fit a variety of items easily. It can be made with special inserts to keep everything in place. This not only assures the product’s safety but also offers an appealing display to the packed items. Perfect for jewelry, watches, perfumes, and other fancy items, the drawer-like matchbox is one of the top choices of many luxury brands.

7-    Slipcase Match Box

Resembling a classic cigar box, it is famous for its practicality and engaging looks. Perfectly made with quality materials, it ensures the safe shipping of delicate products. Slipcase match boxes often have ropes or ribbons to pull on. This not only adds to its visual appeal but also makes it more useful for the product’s packaging and display.

Famous for holding cigars, it is one of the top choices of many luxury brands. Besides packaging cigars, it is also a great choice for fancy chocolates, sweets, and other lavish products. Brands can also change up the slipcase matchbox to meet the needs of the packaged product. Hence, paying attention to every little detail, this box type sets unique standards in luxury packaging.

With their diverse range of styles, custom match slide style boxes cater to the products’ needs and consumers’ interests. Packaging Mania, one of the eminent packaging companies of this era, provides you with top-notch, wholesale custom rigid boxes with fast turnaround times. Contact today to get a free quote and elevate your packaging game.

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