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How to Wear a Jacket With Fur Collar

Fur collar jackets add a fun flair to any coat, making you stand out at any party or dapper for interviews and black tie events.

Choose from an assortment of furs, and add luxurious details like chain accents and pom poms for the ultimate glamorous look. Accessorize it all off with a fur hat and scarf to complete this chic ensemble.

1. Drape it Over Your Shoulders

An attractive jacket with fur collar can add an element of glamour and warmth to any ensemble, especially during colder temperatures. Pairing this accessory with any blazer or coat is simple!

Casual fashionistas may appreciate combining a fur collar with a cashmere pea coat as an easy yet stylish look for shopping boutiques or strolling through parks. This combination can create a perfect look.

To ensure you select a jacket with the appropriate collar size, stand before a mirror and measure from your neck line to where your shoulders begin to slope downwards. Altering an existing jacket through tailoring services is another option available, although this option tends to be much more costly than sewing your own collar.

2. Wrap it Around Your Torso

Fur collars are an eye-catching cold season accessory that can transform a plain coat into something stunning and elegant. Not only are they stylish, but they can keep your chest, shoulders and neck warm as well.

Make your coat stand out this winter by pairing it with a brightly-hued fur collar jacket in a complementary hue – this allows you to wear it like a scarf for an extremely stylish and glamorous look!

With your faux fur piece and liner placed right sides together, stitch around its edge using a 1/4” stitch length allowance, leaving a three inch gap at the lower center point for turning right side out. Once completed, pin all of the edges together before hand sewing it closed.

3. Drape it Over Your Coat’s Collar

Fur collars can add an elegant, sophisticated flair to any coat, as well as keeping you cozy warm! Not only are they stylish additions; but their added warmth provides additional insulation against cold temperatures for your neck, shoulders, and chest area.

Make this quick-and-easy project to add flair to all of your winter jackets, plus as they’re removable, you can change up their appearance as needed!

To create the pattern for your collar, first pin your coat’s collar along the roll line 1″ below center back (point D in image) and mark its pattern piece by noting its points of folds as shown above.

4. Drape it Over Your Vest

Fur collars make an excellent addition to any winter coat. Not only can they add warmth, but they can also enhance its style. To get the most out of your fur collar, consider draping it over your vest as this casual look will keep you cozy and comfortable during an afternoon outing.

Wear a fur collar vest over a henley shirt and jeans for a classic casual look, adding a wool sweater or field jacket for added style.

To complete this look, you will require a short real fur parka collar that fits snugly over your coat’s collar. Thrift stores offer great opportunities for finding this type of item while simultaneously helping others recycle unwanted clothing while getting yourself an affordable new piece!

5. Wrap it Around Your Neck

An elegant fur collar is an ideal way to elevate your coat and add character and warmth during cold winter days.

To wear your collar around your neck, begin by folding its thin end into a small bow shape and placing it atop of its longer end. Next, fold its thick end back over front of bow and tuck behind the horizontal band that forms.

Make the collar the focal point of your outfit by pairing it with jacket and pants in vibrant hues that stand out. You will undoubtedly draw compliments and stand out as someone unique, while showing off your creativity. This is an excellent way to showcase both style and creativity!

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