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Professional Gold Plating Services Provider

Gold plating provides an effective barrier that keeps oxygen and other corrosive elements away from metal surfaces, increasing wear resistance, solderability, and providing excellent electrical conductivity.

Gold plating projects can be expensive and lead to scope creep; that is when your team starts adding features they hadn’t planned for initially.

Perfection Plating Inc.

Perfection Plating Inc is your go-to provider for professional gold plating services. In business for more than 35 years, this provider offers metal plating solutions for an array of applications using gold, silver, nickel or palladium-nickel metals as selective, overall reel-to-reel coil stock and barrel plating services as well as selective, overall, reel-to-reel coil stock and barrel plating as well as selective gold leafing and restoration services to revive degraded finishes and enhance their appearance – serving clients all across America.

If your decorative metal objects such as candelabras or clocks have begun to show signs of age, professional restoration services like gold plating and gilding/gold leafing could be the ideal solution to restore them back to their former beauty and elegance. Such restoration services offer unique transformation solutions that can transform these objects and restore their former splendor and elegance.

Precision Plating Company Inc.

Employees at this company are committed to providing each and every customer with exceptional work of the highest quality. Their specialists specialize in rack, barrel and continuous reel-to-reel gold plating aluminum for automotive, telecommunications, aerospace and medical industries using various processes that ensure customer products meet all of their requirements.

Precision Plating employees typically earn an average annual salary of $102,231, with employees in Operations receiving the highest compensation, followed by HR and Sales teams.

The company is engaged in an environmental cleanup project at their former plating facility, where solvents and metals have been released into the environment. MPCA is monitoring this site closely while exploring solutions to remove contamination.

Sumco Group

Sumco Group recognizes its social responsibility in creating a workplace environment where employees can work comfortably and safely as one of its core tenets, hence why the company promotes numerous health and safety initiatives.

Rally or Muster Points are pre-designated locations where employees should assemble in the event of an evacuation of a facility or work area. Contractors should receive copies of Safety Data Sheets for all chemical substances used during any project.

This company conducts audits and management reviews at all of their operating sites according to their Occupational Safety and Health Management System, while also encouraging voluntary safety and health initiatives that help prevent work-related accidents. Some of their competitors include Waytec Electronics Corporation, Premier Semiconductor Services LLC and Electri-Cord Manufacturing.

S+S Industries

Jewelry pieces may be electroplated for purposes of lubricity, conductivity and decoration, while electrical and solar components (wires, buss bars and contacts) as well as medical/dental elements are frequently electroplated to provide durability. Sometimes even combinations of metals are employed to achieve unique hues in their finishes.

Plating is an easy technique, but for optimal results it is essential to follow proper practices and adhere to best practices. Here are a few tips on improving your plating results:

Pioneer Metal Finishing

Pioneer Metal Finishing in Green Bay, WI provides mission-critical metal surface engineering services for aerospace, automotive, agriculture, housewares, medical and defense industries. Their facilities feature anodizing, plating, adhesive and value added surface treatments – as well as full suite anodization.

Paul Staeven never knows what will cross his electroless nickel line at Pioneer Metal Finishing near Green Bay. From yacht and racing car parts, to bicycles or even military weapon parts he could be working on!

Company reviews provide valuable insight into employee happiness at any particular organization and interview skills necessary for landing employment at Pioneer Metal Finishing.

Tanury Industries

Tanury Industries specializes in high-end metal finishing. Their offerings include gold nickel plating bathroom items for BBJs such as taps and basins that are created by skilled artisans and designers. Furthermore, this company also offers services like rhodium plating and electroless nickel plating for their products.

Plating companies work with global value driven businesses to develop innovative engineered metallization solutions designed to enhance people’s lives. For instance, one Calgary jeweler uses fusion welding to assemble stainless steel components before plating them heavily with 24k gold – this custom plating request has become increasingly common and allows jewelers to experiment within their budgets.

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